Thursday, December 23, 2010

I gotta find...something.

So, I have been thinking the past few days that I have been kind of a negative ninnie, and yes I love that title, and no, I don't care what you think about it. lol

What I was thinking is that I need to start my year off being more thankful, so I think starting the first day in January, I am going to shoot for 30 days of thankfulness, and optimism... sigh. I had do something like this for a class I had last year. For two weeks, we needed to find 5 things a day we were thankful for. I felt like I was scrapping the bottom of the barrel, but in retrospective, everything I was thankful for, I really was thankful for.

I am eager to get this ball rolling, and hope that I can stick with it. Oh man, that means I gotta blog every day, blah!

I don't feel overly confident in my blogging sometimes, I mean, heck reading other people blogs, after I am done, I feel like that person is 10 times funnier than me, and there is not way I could keep things entertaining.. So if you aren't sleepig yet, then I guess it's a good thing.

My goal with this, I want to increase my blog followers, and I think that means my blog needs a make over. Oh Brit, Brit, gonna need your help with that! I guess this means, I gotta better learn how to navigate the Blogger Website. You'd think by now I would have gotten it down.

Okay girlies, get ready for the new year! Oh also if you got any suggestions on my new year en devour.. Yeah, advice will gladly be welcomed!



Calling me out on your blog! lol... We will make a night of it sometime and make a super cute for you!


Great job staying positive! I just read a book called 'Remembering Wholeness' by Carol Tuttle that changed my life and my outlook! So I say if you're ready to bring a change, go for it 100%!
And for the record- I DO read your blog AND think you're funny.


Of course Brittany that's the best way to get someones attention. Also thank you Kayleigh, I stalk your blog too. Lol I'll be picking that book up by the way.