Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How do you?

How do you keep fighting, when all of your energy is gone? How do you see through all the clouds, and the never ending rain?

I seriously don't even know what to say, what to think.. I can feel this thick sheet over whelming my life, I don't know if I can try anymore..

I agreed to do one more cycle of clomid, but after that, I don't think I am willing to fight. I've lost my will, and my heart can't take much more.

I don't think I ovulated, my period is almost a week late, several confirmed NEGATIVE hpt, including a urine test at my clinic, and my body hates me.

that being said, pretty sure, I hate my body...



Don't give up on it just yet. Your day will come I just know it! I know it doesn't help to say this, and often, it just makes it worse, but it really does just take time...


I totally understand. If you're feeling burned out, take a break for a few months, then do another round of clomid; that's what my dr suggested, before we realized clomid was totally pointless. Don't worry, you'll eventually get to the point where you're okay with it (at least that's what everyone keeps telling me...not there yet).

John & Jayna Jensen

Hey I know how you're feeling too. I am about a week late myself and they put me on progesterone again :( I didn't ovulate this month either, so this next month they are upping my clomid to 100 mg. I'm hoping it works just as much for me.

I am always here to talk. I love you. Hang in there!