Wednesday, May 16, 2012

twiddling my thumbs...

Alright, so I haven't been on here for a while.. I have been taking my time, convincing myself I had something to write about.. Well, I do, I just can't write about it yet... But, we are still waiting to finalize our adoption, we are eager and excited with anticipation. I can't believe we are so close...

Other than that things are just as busy as every around here. We are having lots of fun and exciting things happening, and we cannot wait for summer to get here. We even enrolled Izze in swim lessons. this little girl loves water so much, I just know she is going to love being in the pool.

In fact I spoke with the swim instructor on the phone the other day, and the gal asked me if Izze took naps during the day so we could cordinate a swim time.. I laughed and told her no matter what time it is, no matter how cold the water is.. This little girl will be the first one in the pool, and the last one out. Serioulsy we set the pool up the other day, and my best friend B and her little girl came over.. The water was freezing, and there was a slight breeze, so it didn't make things any better.. Izze was so instant in getting in the pool, and even after her little teeth started to chatter, she didn't want to get out.. It was adorable.

Thankfully we purchased those pass of all passes- if you aren't from Utah these things are amazing. You buy one pass, and you get into free at all sorts of places, sports games, fun centers, a local water park, the works. It had already paid for it's self.. well we bought ours on sale for $10.. so yes, it already paid for it's self, but we will be able to go to the water park as often as we want, and I am positive Izze will love it!

Okay, please keep checking back for updates, and happenings. I promise I will be posting our adoption story as soon as I can!

Also, a quick thank you to everyone who came out to our party. Thank you for your support! We love you guys!