Thursday, April 26, 2012

Picture this (Utah Readers should read this!)

So, I've been doing my little brain storming thing that I love to do.. and I've decided it would be way awesome and wonderful to do an infertility awareness photos series. I would love to find at least a dozen or two couples throughout Utah, and even in Idaho, since I will be traveling there in the next few months, or even California, since I will be there in June. We are also extending this offer to those located in the Houston Texas, as we have a local photographer there willing to volunteer her services! Thanks Bridget!!
We are looking couples who are living with infertility, or have dealt with it at least one point through their relationship. It doesn't matter what the issue was, it doesn't matter if you have children or not, it doesn't matter if said children are biological or not.. I would also like to add, we will offer this to couple who have experienced child loss.

I will be working with my best friend B on this, we hope to finish photographing our series by October.

Please note that we will strive to capture photos that represent your story, and helps others to realize that infertility is real. There are real people experiencing this heart ache, and living with this reality every day.

*We will have model realease forms, and want to remind you that these photos will not be used for profit.* Aslo, this a free to those that are interested. There is no charge what so ever!* 

For those of you willing to participate. As our thank you, we would like to offer you couple/family photos. Or you may save this gift for a later time to do something such as a pregnancy/adoption announcement, or even maternity photos. We can also do a version of "adoption maternity" photos. The ideas are endless.

Thank you for your time, and consideration in this task.

If you're interested in helping with this process, please leave a comment here with your email. I have changed the comment setting so that comments need to be approved before seen by everyone. So your email will remain private.