Sunday, February 19, 2012

Let eat cake?

Alright, it happened... something I just couldn't even believe till I saw it with my own eyes.. My sister and her husband celebrated their first wedding anniversary just a few weeks ago. Well, my mother was kind enough to save their cake top for them, and called to remind them that the cake top was still in her freezer in case they wanted it... Or well-at least my mother thought she had saved my sisters wedding cake top, in her freezer..

Upon arriving and investigating the cake, I got a phone call from my sister asking if by chance it was mine and my husbands cake top, that she wouldn't really tell, and needed some help figuring it out. I asked a few questions, and decided it was best she brought it to me..

After peeling back the tin foil.. the 4 layers of saran wrap.. and realizing that the cake was in fact covered with foundant and not butter cream frosting... it was discovered that it was in fact my wedding cake toppper... from my first wedding. Over 5 years ago... Don't get me wrong. I am sure the cake was wonderful.. and at one point tasted wonderful. But I was not about to eat it.

We had a good laugh.. contimplated about what to do with the cake top that weighed like 25 lbs-no lie. It was rock solid!! But, we decided to just throw it away..

It's crazy how things like that can just sneak-up on ya.. and although I am sure my ex-husband is living a wonderful life, my life is so different in the place that I am now.. I couldn't be happier. I love my current husband. More than should legally be allowed.. lol. And the best part is, I know this time it's perfect. I don't even need any cake to make me happy..

Just in case you were wondering.. We didn't even save our cake top.. In fact, after we left the reception on our wedding day.. We hadn't had anything to eat, or any of our cake besides when we cut and shared it with one another.

Perhaps I'll make a little cake for our next wedding anniversary. The one we will be spending with our daughter..