Thursday, March 3, 2011

another green tip!

I am still very much on this going green thing, and thus far I have conquered two things on my list of ten, and now, I have two more things to add. I had already been recycling my cans, before I even considered going green. It was a good to know that while I was recycling I was also contributing to my little brothers. I save all my soda cans, and then I give them to my little brothers, and they use the money towards saving for their college fund! So, it's a win win- I know you don't get a lot from the metal, but they have been doing it for years now, and I can honestly say, they have earned quite a bit!

My other contributing to going green, was starting to recycle paper. Utah isn't wonderfully equipped for recycling, but they are set up with little recycling spots here and there, especially at schools. So, I started saving all my paper, including the left over pages of the Sunday paper, after I grab all my coupons from it. It's a great way to keep from having to pile up my trash, and I help the planet!

It may seem, like it's a huge hassle, but, it's totally worth it! I feel great knowing I am doing something good!