Thursday, March 10, 2011

What are you thinking?!

A few years ago, my biological father, and stepmother bought me a dvd for Christmas.. I was unimpressed with it, and hid it in a bow for a couple of months til spring cleaning came around and I found it once again. Needless to say, it's something that has stuck with me, and I feel everyone should to know! The secret... Duh duh dUUAUAUAUAUHHH!!!! Creepy villian like music..

If you don't know anything about The Secret, I am gonna tell ya a little bit, and tell you to go HERE! The gist of The Secret, is shaping your thoughts to send out positive influences into the universe, and bring good things into your life. Like for instance, if you are running a little behind in the morning, and you are thinking "Oh no, I'm gonna be late!" or "I don't want to be late!" Even just thinking "LATE" it brings that negative aspect into your life.

Now back to what brings this up. I used this little method a few years ago, and it worked out really well for me. I decided I needed it again, and sat down with my hubby the other night, and introduced him to The Secret. It was cute, cause days later, he reminds me about the things I am saying and that I need to be positive. Cute guy!

So, currently, I am making another dream board.. I made one a few months ago I made one while I was going through my clomid, all about makin' a baby... well, my husband and I got a lot of fun in trying to make a baby, but needless to say, the plumbing isn't working.. Now, I want a dream board that incorporates ALL of goals.. Not just a baby. You can find out about a dreamboard/visionboard HERE!

Now, that I am feeling better, gettin' my house painted, I am going to be working on my dreamboard as well. Perhaps I'll post a pic once I get it done. I hope I have motivated you a little bit to make your dreams come true!



I love this! I am totally motivated to be a little more positive and make my own dream board...

I didn't care much for The Secret (I hear the creepy villian music as I type this), but I do care for your post and am feeling refreshed and renewed! I can't wait to see your dream board!!!

Love ya!


I've started to make a couple of dream boards coz of what you said about having one while we were workin' together...I have 4 of them hung on my wall and they each have a theme :) I can't wait to finish them!

Emily Jo

Dad gave me The Secret too.....